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Feminist Film Theory: A Reader book download
Feminist Film Theory: A Reader book download

Feminist Film Theory: A Reader. Sue Thornham

Feminist Film Theory: A Reader

ISBN: 0748609598,9780585159171 | 361 pages | 10 Mb

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Feminist Film Theory: A Reader Sue Thornham
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Mulvey's work was more successful and unique because of her feminist perspective and it laid the foundation for feminist film theory. 3:AM: Your postmodernist aesthetics approaches film using the theories of Emmanual Levinas, late Derrida and the ethical dimensions of Lacanian psychoanalysis, feminism, postcolonialism and queer history. Elizabeth Cowie, "Women, Representation and the Image", Screen Education, 3, 1977. Laura Mulvey is a feminist theorist who applied psychoanalysis to film theory. Mary Anne Doane, "Film and the Masquerade: Theorising the Female Spectator" in Sue Thornham (ed.), Feminist Film Theory: A Reader. Before discussing the “ethical turn” which Any reading of Levinas alongside film inevitably demands a reading against the grain, given Levinas's suspicion of the aesthetic and the visual realms as potentially violent. Dresden Dynamo alternates with Light Reading (1978) in the first room. The two films share a This is self-referential work, very concerned with the politics of representation and rooted in the feminist film theory of the 1970s. I have to go out of my way and say it – talk about it, hang out with other feminists, read a book that's called 'feminist film theory' or at least shout out on my blog header. Reading it, I felt the pieces being put into place, and my instinctive scepticism about film theory finally getting the thorough, systematic justification I had been craving. Wouldn't want to generalise about the standing of such theory today, but I doubt it has the same stranglehold of the centre of debate it did when Carroll wrote; having said that, there's still plenty of it in the Theory gene pool, often cross-bred with other approaches such as postmodernism and feminism).